Enterprise Resource Planning Human Resource Module

Human Resource Module

The human resources division plays a crucial role in the industrial business process. The HR module offers precise information about the company’s employees, including their departments, educational background, and work history.


The following is a list of the “HR Module” of CherryBerry ERP’s primary features:

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Employee Personal Information
You may quickly save your employees' personal information and their progress by using the HR Module of our ERP.
Employee Education Information
Learn about the educational background and career stage of your employees in the HR module.
Employee Experience
Making the appropriate labor decisions is essential to maintaining the order of your company. We organize and save experience records for all of your staff.
Employee Promotion & Demotion
Keep track of your employees' advancement, and either promote those who excel or demote those who fall short of the competition.
Department Management
The success of your business and your corporation depends on the smooth operation and organization of your departments. Use our HR module to maintain the stability of your departments.
Designation Management
Keep up with the most recent events, your employees' positions, and job postings with the HR Module's designation management tool.

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