Enterprise Resource Planning Payroll Module

Payroll Module

Cherry Berry ERP offers a payroll module to support a variety of functions. These include calculating payroll checks with individual deductions. This helps to maintain the database needed for federal and state reports. Cherry Berry ERP’s payroll module is for businesses of all sizes and types, ranging from large enterprises to small start-ups. This payroll system streamlines the payroll operations of your business, simplifying the administration and improving productivity. 


It is much easier to file taxes and the system supports numerous user-defined and standard pay periods, such as annually, quarterly, semi-monthly, weekly, and daily. There are also several employee classifications, such as salary with overtime, and hourly salary.

Payroll Module Functionalities

Managing the Employees

The Payroll module offered by Cherry Berry ERP manages the financial information of the business. This includes keeping a record of the employee finances, such as salaries, deductions, bonuses, benefits, costs, and other things. Every organization must undertake the important task of payroll management, but this task can prove much more complicated and time-consuming if a business doesn’t have an ERP payroll management system.

Database Management

Cherry Berry ERP’s payroll module performs accurate and efficient data operations. This ERP module performs the time-taking and complicated payroll management procedures efficiently and in a short while. This system automatically considers key factors, such as salary grade, expenses, allowances, benefits, and deductions, thus keeping the calculations consistent. This system also provides quick access to employee data, including contracts, leaves, performance records, experience letters, offer letters, organizational charts, employee profiles and overtime details.

Cherryberry ERP

Managing Taxes

By enhancing the automation of your business, the payroll software makes it easier to calculate the taxes owed and paid per employee. To avoid late payment penalties, you must have payroll management software. Our payroll module comes with advanced payroll management features, such as annual tax-saving, income tax projection, and TDS estimates.

Leave Management

The employees can submit their leave claims through the payroll software and monitor the balance of their leaves. This helps them know whether they can have any more leaves without salary deductions. The managers can approve or decline the leaves on the system itself.

Forms and Payslips

The payroll module generates leave summaries, salary statements, benefit reports and other such reports. Employees can check or print payslips anytime and from anywhere. Other functionalities included are salary processing and audit, parol elements setups, such as deductions, allowances, and contributions.