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With the CherryBerryERP sales module, clients can automate their entire sales process. It assists customers in managing quotations for clients and, if any quotation is approved, it generates a sales order. Based on the sales order, an organization can check inventory and, if necessary, start the procurement process.


The sales modules come with these major functionalities:


Manage Sales Orders

Manage Quotations

Manage Products

Manage Customers

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Our customers will have total control over how each of their departments is progressing, thanks to the ERP application. By looking at the dashboard, people would be able to gain a complete view of their firm and easily and confidently make important decisions at any moment. The solution’s goal is to deliver an all-inclusive ERP application for improved resource and work management. All account-related transactions, such as expenses, balance sheets, account ledgers, bank statements, payment receipts, etc., are tracked by our modules. For our ERP, financial reporting is a simple procedure. With just one click, whatever financial information is needed to run a firm is accessible.

Custom ERP Solutions

Enhance your business data insights through our scalable, responsive and top-notch business ERP system to manage supply chain, workforce and customer relationships!

End-to-End Integrations

Develop a unified enterprise solution or improve the capabilities of your existing ERP system to access miscellaneous business functions through software integration!

Managed Services

Let our expert team operate, optimise and monitor your enterprise resource planning continuously to identify and resolve issues quickly with fully flexible managed services!

Team Augmentation

Strengthen your team efficiency by hiring our experienced, most skilled and on-demand talent to keep your project thriving and achieve operational excellence!

Enhance The Value of Your ERP System Through Automation

Develop customized ERP systems that suit your unique business models through our expert ERP developers to automate time-consuming business processes and reach tomorrow’s milestone! Our Enterprise Resource Planning system as a one-in-all solution enables enterprises to manage their core business operations with unified software to foster collaboration, enhance accuracy and maximise turnover.

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We are on your side and leave no stone unturned to get the task done right from the first meeting to routine operations. Modernise your business core operational and financial processes with our straightforward cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning solutions to thrive in a technologically revolutionized world and offer a differentiated customer experience! Become a part of a partnership that can enable you to achieve more today and in the future, for your business and customers.


Achieve New Heights of Success with Cherry Berry ERP

Streamline Your Business Operations

Integrate various departments and processes through a unified ERP system to centralise business operations, reduce errors, save time, increase efficiency and boost productivity! Bid farewell to fragmented information and welcome to a cohesive, smooth and synchronized flow of data.


Achieve New Heights of Success with Cherry Berry ERP

Enhance Customer Experience

Customers are an important asset and the heart of every successful business. Deliver an exceptional and breakthrough customer experience with technology, personalize approach, anticipate needs and tailor solutions to achieve loyal customers, lower operational costs, faster response times, improve order accuracy and build lasting relationships.


Achieve New Heights of Success with Cherry Berry ERP

Promote Informed Decision-Making

Taking informed decisions is key to success for businesses and the ERP system is an ultimate solution to propel your business forward and reduce production bottlenecks in today’s highly competitive world. Get comprehensive insights into your business performance through ERP robust reporting and analytic abilities to identify trends and avail opportunities.


Achieve New Heights of Success with Cherry Berry ERP

Boost Team Collaboration

Success is no longer an individual effort in today’s business environment but it’s a team effort with a transformative power to take your organization to new heights. ERP solutions go beyond streamlining business operations and serve as a central hub to bring teams together and drive mutual success. Strengthen team collaboration, fuel innovation and achieve remarkable productivity with ERP.

Our ERP Software Development Process Flow

Cherry Berry’s ERP solutions fulfill the end-to-end requirements of your business project from planning and research to deployment support.

Our dedicated team start the process by understanding your business needs and future goals to develop an effective enterprise resource planning solution that perfectly matches your requirements. The knowledge and understanding of your business needs from design and deployment make the planning and decision-making processes easy. Once ERP system requirements and objectives are defined, thorough research is carried out to identify potential challenges and set the stage for successful ERP implementation.
This step involves preparing a comprehensive design plan containing details of infrastructure development, data migration, system architecture and integration of ERP solutions to start the developing process. It also includes mapping out data flow and relationships. Technical decisions about hosting, backend, frontend and integration are taken during the development process that also involves the creation of necessary software modules, configuration of workflows, development of user-friendly interface and seamless integration with existing systems.
The testing and deployment stage of ERP system development is an important phase to ensure the system is ready for implementation. At this stage, our team of testers will perform testing to find and fix bugs or to check whether engineers, developers and analysts have created ERP software as per the details of the design plan and compliance with the initial requirements. They thoroughly check for deployment issues before releasing the final software.
An ERP system requires regular maintenance, monitoring and support after its implementation. We offer constant support even after the deployment of solutions in the form of system updates and end-user support to ensure enterprises can perform well at their full capacity. Our team is always available to assist you to adjust and change your system configuration to meet evolving business needs. Your success is our priority so get our experts' assistance to achieve your organizational goals.


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