Enterprise Resource Planning Sales Module or ERP Sales Module


One of the most essential ERP modules is the ERP sales module as it proves a must-have feature for businesses to possess. It helps businesses in many ways, from handling all business activities for domestic sales and export from the organization to maintaining and storing product and customer databases. Furthermore, ERP sales modules also help in sales and marketing, getting inquiries, order placement, scheduling, and dispatching. 


The Cherry Berry ERP sales module gives our clients the ability to automate their entire sales process. It assists customers in managing quotations for clients and, if any quotation is approved, it generates a sales order. Based on the sales order, an organization can check inventory and, if necessary, start the procurement process.

Manage Customers

Cherry Berry ERP comes with functionality to group customers in a classification relevant to your business, such as by product, location etc. This creates a baseline and makes it easier to skim through the customers. It also comes with advanced delivery tools, such as prospecting tools, linked customers, and sales pipelines. This way, you can easily target a specific group of customers for your marketing campaigns depending on the relevant trends.

Manage Quotation

In ERP Sales module terminology, quotes are quite similar to orders, the only difference is that there is no agreement to deliver yet. The quotes have a validity period, which is usually mentioned against them. To draw clients, the ideal quote must be chosen. CherryBerry ERP makes it easier to provide excellent proverbs and engaging discussion. The sales module helps the business to convert quotes into orders when there is a deal struck after negotiations.

Manage Sales Order

CherryBerry ERP comes with essential features to manage sales orders. Whenever a customer places an order, the sales amount also mentions some product description alongside it. But these product description lines are divided, with different delivery dates for different quantities of the same product. Some customers may also mention the date when they need the product, and this request date is also included in the sales order. With an ERP sales module, you can set up an approved date for shipping, delivery etc, alongside the transmission process.

Manage Products

Maintain the quality of your items and their timely delivery to your clients while managing them constructively. We encourage and inspire all businesspeople to use an online ERP system to enhance their management processes. The ERP sales module uses several analysis tools and statistical methods to predict future sales by using current market conditions, seasonal trends, historical sales data and other factors. This lets the business make timely decisions and order the necessary raw material to fulfill future demands on time.

Manage Delivery Challans

When delivering your goods from one location to another, include your delivery challans, which contain all the information about the commodities and goods being delivered. The ERP sales module comes with a database that is arranged by the delivery due dates of the orders and which you can query on every open order. This well-managed database helps to prepare accurate challans and on-time invoices. The production and quality control measures are also included as they make it much easier to make decisions.

Generate Invoices

Create your invoices accurately, including all the goods and services you gave to your cherished clients. Both the sales transactions a business has with its customers and the source documents used in business accounting should be documented. We assist you in requesting prompt payment from your customers. The ERP module breaks down sales into regional categories for different executives. This way, every executive is only responsible for the financial matters of a specific region, such as orders, bookings, backlogs, tracking deliveries, etc. The ERP module also comes with a proper system for sales returns.

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