Use HRM Module in ERP for better Atomization

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Use HRM Module in ERP for better Atomization

HRM is the human resource management system that is a software that helps in better HR management. HRM module in ERP performs various functions such as time tracking, talent management, leave management, and many others. However, it also provides features according to the needs of your company. As we know this software has a modular structure, so it helps the companies to build HR modules according to the required functions. 

In this blog post, you will learn about the different HRM modules that can automate various functions to optimize the workflow. 


Different HRM modules in ERP


1- Recruitment Module


This module provides all the required features for better job creation, access to filtered information in job portals, and customization of job-specific questions. The recruitment module also allows the employees to place all the information online such as job vacancies, job advertisements, looking for CVs, choosing candidates, and contacting them. The integration of this module helps you in building better social networks to expand your communication. 


2- Performance Management Module


This module automates the performance process and tracks the company’s KPIs or a specific employee. Furthermore, this module also tracks performance on a daily basis, records long and short-term objectives, and sets KPIs for different business areas. The performance indicators help you to decide whether the employee deserves a promotion, demotion, or any salary increment. It means with this software you can better analyze the work of the employees.


3- Time and Attendance Module


This is the most common module that effectively tracks the time an employee takes to solve the tasks and then saves the information in the database. It allows the managers to access this data online through their mobile phones at any time. These regular data updates are also used to analyze the business performance and to make changes needed. This software also tracks employees’ absenteeism. It gathers all the information to make attendance and absence reports۔ 


4- Employee Learning and Development Module


It is not an easy task to manage the development training programs and monitor their completion. However by using a performance management module, you can set your goals and objectives to complete these tasks. This module also sends automated messages to employees to motivate them to progress. 


5- Onboarding Module


The main purpose of this module is to make it easy for the employees to work for your company and make a good impression on it. Because the new members want to know about the other team so share the required information with them. They should be provided with the objectives, goals, and KPIs so that they can understand what the company wants from them. Managing all this stuff is a tricky task but the onboarding module automates all these tasks and provides ease to the company. 


6- Payroll Management Module


This module saves a lot of time and effort for the HR department by automating all the processes. It manages the data to make salaries and also takes into account the deductions, overtime, bonuses, and allowances to generate salary sheets. 




CherryBerry ERP HRM module provides tons of benefits to the company. It decreases the need for manual data entry by automating all the tasks thus reducing the manual errors too. This software also provides the safety of your employees’ data. If you have any queries regarding this software, you can contact Cherry Berry ERP they will provide you the detailed information. 

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