ERP implementation / Selections: Turn Your Projects into Success

ERP implementation / Selections: Turn Your Projects into Success

You may have heard the scary stories about ERP system failure when implantation went wrong. However, it is not true for all cases as there are also many success stories in the field. Today, technological advancements have introduced new ways to manage and streamline business processes and enhance efficiency including enterprise resource planning. The right implementation and careful planning can help you to achieve positive results. Thus, hire Cherry Berry ERP services for the right ERP implementation / Selections for your business.


Why Careful ERP Implementation / Selections is Important?


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a complete software solution to integrate and streamline different business processes across enterprises. It serves as a centralized hub to handle finance, inventory management, customer relationship management and inventory management. ERP systems allow businesses to make informed decisions, enhance collaboration and reduce inefficiencies. However, integration and implementation of successful ERP is not an easy task and requires expert help to get positive results. Most ERP systems offer features specially designed for different companies. Thus, if you integrate the one that does not suit your needs, this will negatively impact your business. There are some flexible ERP systems that can fulfil the needs of any organization. For instance, small companies do not need to integrate ERP systems prepared for SMBs. Likewise, small enterprises can choose the right module from the system designed for large companies. They can also contact the same vendors for different solutions to automate their business processes and access reliable data. 


Choose a Skilled Project Team & Project Them for Success


The selection of a skilled, qualified and expert team is an important factor for fruitful ERP selections / implementations. Your team will conduct research to find the recommended software that suits your organizational need to ensure its successful implementation. The full and unwavering support of the administration is another important component for successful implementations. Company management should make the required resources available for the project team in addition to enough time for the timely completion of the assigned task. 


ERP implementation / Selections

Selection of Qualified Staff


The selection and implementation of enterprise resource planning is the most strategic decision for your company. Your enterprise will execute the process in almost 2-5 years. It is important for companies to keep the best and brightest employees in the project team. Your project team members should have a strong understanding of the department’s operations. Management must monitor the project for five months or more and view it as a strategic commitment to benefit their business. A company employee should think positively about the new system to make the project successful. Moreover, the project team should respect the staff members in an organization to get desired results while management must give them full freedom and time to work on the allocated project in an effective manner.


The Structure of the Project Team


Three entities constitute the project team of an organization:


  • Steering Committee: It contains senior executives who ensure the successful completion of the project. They make sure that business goals always remain aligned with the execution.


  • Project Sponsors: The project sponsor has a direct link with the project manager in a steering committee while both work collaboratively on an ‘as required’ policy. They try to solve all the hurdles to the project’s success before getting the steering committee involved.


  • Project Management: The project team manages tasks, mitigates risks, keeps the project within budget and ensures timely completion of the project.


  • Core Team: They include staff who test the ERP system, manage changes in the practices and explain to the users about using the ERP system.


Important Skills Needed for Project Team


  • They should have functional departmental expertise.


  • The project team has knowledge about cross-functional business practices.


  • They should have a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts of ERP.


  • The selected employees should have documentation, computing and communication skills.


  • Project team members should be adaptable to change.


In case, your project team has no prior knowledge of ERP selection and implementation, they can learn it before starting the project. ERP selection and implementation is a complex process. In case of initiating the project unpreparedly, you can take costly missteps. Thus, prior knowledge of the basics is necessary.


Time Commitment of Project Team


The members of the project should allocate a minimum of 50% of their time to project completion while if possible, a full-time commitment is also best. They should stay ready to take on additional tasks or the company can also hire extra staff to manage the workload. In the case of larger implementations, companies should not expect employees to manage their workload besides the project. This unfair act can lead to resentment and prevent successful implementation.


ERP implementation / Selections

Define KPIs & Develop Requirements


The project team should negotiate with the management about the requirements related to their business goals for successful ERP implementation. They should keep these goals in mind throughout the process to ensure vendors and software achieve them. The thorough research by the team will enable them to realign the business goals according to need. In order to keep the performance on track, the project management team should identify key performance indicators (KPIs) to calculate project cost, duration and achievements. Moreover, these KPIs will finally calculate the project’s success and objectives.


Accept Change


Change is inevitable in your business through an ERP implementation. Generally, people do not like change. If you are going to implement an ERP system and are afraid of changes in the system, ask the stakeholders who are using the system. This will help you to feel more energetic, enthusiastic and involved in the implementation and the resultant changes. You should consider their input and their response and feedback might unveil certain concerns which you did not consider before. After it, you may need to adjust your ERP strategy again.


Communication & Collaboration


In a successful ERP implementation / Selections, a high level of communication and collaboration is essential. The steering committee should hold meetings on a regular basis, monthly or even quarterly with the project members. After the selection of software, they should stay in touch with the staff involved in the implementation. This helps everyone involved in the project to stay on the same page and solve important concerns. It is also important to communicate with business partners, vendors and external stakeholders about the benefits of the ERP system for the company.


Data Migration & Testing


In the case of system replacement, data migration becomes critical. Only your project team can understand data quality or accuracy. Thus, make sure to clean your data before uploading it into the new system. Your IT team can work along with the project team to migrate data correctly as your success in ERP implementation / Selections depends on the right data. You should keenly observe the business processes of each department to explore whether the ERP system can accommodate it or not. There are three steps in the testing phase.


  • Conference Room Pilot: Firstly, describe every process and note down instructions for later testing.


  • Departmental Pilot: Secondly, repeat testing of every process and create stress tests to make sure the system has the supporting ability for transaction volumes.


  • Integrated Pilot: Your project team should do cross-functional integrated testing to ensure a smooth flow between departments.


ERP Implementation / Selections: Final Words


For successful ERP implementation / Selections, companies should allocate the necessary resources and choose the right project team. If you are looking for ERP experts to carry out each step in the ERP project, contact Cherry Berry ERP. Be a part of successful stories with us. 

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