How Cloud Based Point of Sale System Revolutionize Brick-and-Mortar Stores

How Cloud Based Point of Sale System Revolutionize Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Nowadays Point of sale (POS) systems are very important for operating any modern retail business, from handling inventory, analysing sales data to allowing staff to handle transactions and many more. While outdated POS systems rely on on-premise servers and hardware devices, contemporary cloud based point of sale system is transfiguring the industry by offering improved flexibility, security, efficiency and affordability. As more stores transition to the cloud, it is clear this innovative approach represents the future for brick-and-mortar retail technology.

Benefits of the Cloud based Point of Sale System:

Cloud based POS systems provide several major advantages over their on-premise counterparts that make them an appealing option for modern retail stores.

Cost Savings:

One of the major advantages of a cloud based Point of sale system is lesser upfront costs, as retailers do not need to capitalize on expensive on-site servers and hardware. As an alternative, the modern POS software and data are hosted off-site by the service provider. This software-as-a-service model means retailers pay reasonable monthly subscriptions fees like instalments instead of a huge one-time license purchase. Ongoing software maintenance and upgrade costs are also reduced with these cloud systems. 

Improved Security:

Top cloud POS providers invest greatly in advanced hi-tech security measures like AI, encryption, role-based access, and tokenized credit card data to secure sensitive information. Cloud systems are normally more secure than on-premiseoptions, helping retailers meet PCI and HIPAA compliance mandates. Automatic data backups also minimize business disruptions from hardware failures or disasters.

Better Accessibility:

With a modern cloud platform, the POS system can be accessed from any device and from anywhere with a stableinternet connection, you can access the system online at any time. This omnichannel accessibility enables retailers to manage operations like inventory and sales reporting wherever they are. Employees can also check the latest business analytics and metrics using the cloud POS mobile application or web portal from the laptop when not on the store floor.

Key Features and Capabilities of Modern Cloud based Point of Sale System:

Modern cloud-based POS solutions provide a robust set of capabilities to handle all elements of retail operations, from the sales floor to the back office.

Checkout and Payments:

POS software seamlessly handles cash, credit card, and mobile wallet transactions using integrated payment processing and flexible checkout options. Retailers can configure custom flows, tax rules, discounts, gift cards, and other settings to meet their needs.

Inventory and Order Management:

As the central hub for inventory data, leading POS systems track product quantities across multiple store locations and warehouses in real time. Inventory can also be updated manually or automatically when items are sold. Intuitive reorder processes help retailers stay sufficiently stocked.  

Analytics and Reporting:  

Cloud platforms provide a goldmine of data through easy-to-interpret sales, inventory, and accounting reports. Retailers gain insights to guide purchasing decisions, staffing needs, targeted promotions, and more strategic choices. Custom analytics dashboards can also be configured.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):  

Vendors can easily get contact information of the customers and their past purchasing information with the help of integrated CRM features, to foster relationships and increase buyer loyalty. Customer profiles and preferences empower retailers to provide custom-made offers and improve the shopping experience. This will lead to potential and long lasting customers.


For retailers looking to drive efficiency, boost security, and refine the customer experience, a shift to the clouds is critical. Cloud-based point of sale system puts robust functionality and analytics into retailers’ hands anywhere, anytime. As 5G internet and edge computing continue to evolve, so too will the capabilities of hosted point of sale solutions. The future for innovative brick-and-mortar stores is certainly bright – thanks to the clouds. Our platfotm, CherryBerry ERP provides this services to its clients very effectively. Contact us to avail the services. 

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