HR Software & Its Features

Introduction To HR Software 


HR software stands for Human Resource Software which is software that is used to manage all human resource goals and tasks. HR software helps with managing all the employee information and document routing. It increases the efficiency of the management with which it cooperates with the HR team. It can be used by all kinds of businesses whether large or small and helps managers as well as employees to work more efficiently. 


When Do You Need An HR Software?


Firstly you need to identify the basic needs and objectives of your company for the short term as well as the long term. For this, you also need to hire an HR software specialist. You can also arrange a meeting with an HR specialist and can discuss your goals and objectives. You need to discuss the following points before deciding to select an HR solution for your company.

1: Your employees do not have enough time to accomplish the tasks on time and all HRs are loaded with work.

2: Your employees do not have a platform for communication and work in different locations.

3: You can not monitor the salaries of employees 

4: The employees can not assess their success.


Uses of HR Software


HR software increases the overall revenue of the company by allowing organizing policies and improving employees and management. It helps in tracking the location of staff, their attendance, their handy mobile applications, and much more. Some other benefits or uses of HR software are as follows:

  • Recruitment or Hiring new staff
  • Payroll management 
  • Collecting the data, managing it, and restoring it.
  • Accrue sick leaves, absences, or vacations.
  • Calculate wages
  • Manage employees’ training
  • Bonus administration 
  • Posting of vacancies
  • Remind employees of anniversaries, birthdays, or other events
  • Employee’s self-service

HR is considered an oil machine in which all the components work together to keep it active and carry out its functions.


Key Features Of HR Software 


1: Recruitment or Hiring


It has some automatic modules that help in recruitment and makes hiring procedures easy. It has an ATS Applicant Tracking System that accepts or rejects the applicants on the basis of set criteria.


2: Employee Portal


It also stores and organizes financial data. The authorized person can also access his data. The data includes working dates, salaries, insurance plans, tax details, and employee’s position.


3: Payroll

It is one of the most valuable features of HR software that helps in managing salaries, allowances, and overtime rates. It also manages the taxes, deductions, and delivery of paychecks.


4: Performance Evaluation


HR software simplifies and takes record of employees’ punctuality and attendance. It takes KPAs and KRAs into account and gives unbiased output. 


5: Employee Training


Every employee needs to upgrade his skills and HR helps in doing so. It guides the employees and helps in filling the gap by managing the training and development of the employee. It has an AI tool that improves learning, compliance, and retaining new skills.




HR software helps in performing efficient tasks, improving functions, and developing expertise. Pick a suitable HR for your company and check the difference in efficiency. It decreases HR management costs and increases productivity. 

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