Why Do We Need An Attendance Management Software ERP?

Attendance Management Software ERP

Why Do We Need An Attendance Management Software ERP?

Have you ever had to shuffle through papers to deal with attendance logs? Or have you ever had to deal with payroll errors? If yes, you need a smarter way to deal with this hurdle. The smarter way is none other than Attendance Management Software ERP. This system has revolutionised the attendance tracking game. Gone are the days when you or your company had to deal with manual attendance tracking that is full of errors. With the help of this advanced technology, you can lessen your stress and save all your attendance details. This system can bring several benefits to your business. 

Before getting into why we need attendance management software, let us look at what it exactly means.

Attendance Management Software 

Attendance Management Software ERP is known to be a cloud-based HR tool that can automate your attendance-related tasks and also track the record of the working hours of your employees. The employees can mark their attendance by using its use its web or mobile app or they can also use the biometric attendance system to do this task. This software also offers some attendance and timekeeping solutions to the company according to its requirements. The cloud-based attendance system provides information on Employees’ working hours, punctuality, daily work duration, and much more. 

Importance of Attendance Management Software 

It has now become a thing of the past to track the employee’s attendance manually on paper registers or digital spreadsheets. To opt for attendance software ERP is now becoming a key because it automates your entire attendance tracking process. All the remote workers can now save and mark their attendance online which will help them in the future. However, with this system, you can get error-free payrolls that are not possible manually. It can save you time and money by automating all the time-taking tasks. 

The detailed benefits of AMS are given below.

1- Track Employees Performance 

You can track the daily performance of your workers by checking their daily attendance reports. The daily presence of workers reflects the efforts they put in daily to get the best results. If productivity is reduced, it is attributed to the absence of the employees. With the help of attendance management software ERP, you can track the employee’s presence and performance very easily. This will help you in increasing your business’ productivity.

2- Manage Remote Workers

It is a very critical task to monitor workers whether they are on-field, at home, or out for work-related travel. For this issue, attendance software provides a GPS feature with which you can get updates about your employee’s location. You can also get to know where your employees are logging in.  This can ensure their exact location. What else would you wish for? You can monitor your employees from every side.

3- Cost Effective

To track the attendance manually can be a time-consuming and tiring task. This consumes a lot of time and more human resource managers to handle all the headaches. But with the help of attendance management software, you can ease up all the processes because it converts all the HR tasks to an automated process. This will ultimately reduce the time and cost that you can invest in other important chores.

4- Payroll Processing

Attendance and payroll work hand in hand. You need to have a proper attendance record to pay the employees accurately. There must be an accurate record of overtime work of employees, paid time offs, half days, vacations, leaves, and much more. This record will help you in providing accurate salaries to the workers. You can integrate attendance management software with the payroll system. This can bring all the above-mentioned records of the employees before their accurate salaries.

5- Workflow Management 

Attendance Management Software ERP can manage all of your workflow very easily by automating all the complex tasks. It provides you with real-time and accurate data and HR management can approve or reject leaves better.  It can better manage all the attendance and time-related tasks so that the workers can plan their leaves accordingly. 


Why Do You Need Attendance Management Software?

3 signs show that your organisation needs attendance management software. Those signs are

1- Payroll Errors are Common 

When you are manually tracking the attendance, your data will be more likely to be prone to errors. When this error data is used for payroll processing, you will end up calculating the incorrect pay of your employees. This will also impact employees’ satisfaction and morale. Furthermore, this manual calculation can be a time-consuming task and you can not process your payroll on time. To make this situation better, you need an advanced attendance management software ERP. 

2- Ensuring compliance seems a Difficult Task

If you don’t have a proper attendance management system to track attendance data, you can not document your data properly as it will be scattered in different places. If you want to ensure compliance, you must document your attendance data carefully. For this, you need proper attendance management software ERP for your organisation to avoid hefty fines for ignoring compliance.

3- You Track Attendance Manually 

If you have several employees in your organisation then using spreadsheets or registers for attendance management is not a tough task. But later on, when you start progressing, your team will find it difficult to manage all the data for payroll processing. This will also make it difficult for the employees to collect data manually. In this situation, you need user-friendly attendance management software to keep all the records of your employees. 


From the above-mentioned data, you have surely reached the point of how much attendance management software ERP is important for your system. You can easily streamline your employees’ data, and their working hours, and can also save a lot of time. Attendance Management Software ERP automates the entire time and attendance tracking process to help the organisation track employees’ attendance in different ways. 

Now you are aware of its benefits and you need to implement this module for your organisation. You can check CherryBerry ERP attendance management software features. We have made this software according to the needs of the modern HR department. The easy compliance state-of-the-art technology of our software will help you better handle all the complex operations.

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