Features and Exclusive Benefits of Sales ERP Module

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Features and Exclusive Benefits of Sales ERP Module

One of a company’s most important components is its Sales ERP Module, which assists in managing all business operations related to an organization’s local and international sales. The ERP sales modules store and manage databases for both customers and products. Order placement, dispatching, order scheduling, sales and marketing, and inquiry processing are some of the additional procedures that are included in the Sales ERP modules.  

Core Features of Sales ERP Module:

Some important features of sales ERP modules are discussed below.

1. Database of Users:

The account name that your company is connected to is often categorized as an ERP prospect, suspect, or client. To establish a baseline, though, it is simple to categorize people inside the ERP database. Advanced delivery tools, on the other hand, would include things like sales pipelines, linked customers, and prospecting tools.

2. Citations:

According to the order, the fundamental structure of bids for ERP sales modules is very comparable. Despite the lack of a delivery arrangement. Quotes do, however, typically have a closing date after they expire. The ERP sales module would assist in converting an estimate into an order once the negotiating phase had ended.

3. Credit Restrictions:

An organization may establish a credit limit for each consumer in the event that items are delivered before payment is received. But every time an order is depleted, this would trigger an alarm in the ERP system. Shipments for orders that have been dispatched but have not yet been paid for may be required by the system limit until payment is obtained. 

4. Projecting Sales:

An additional feature of the sales module is the sales projection. It also incorporates the consumer’s anticipated future sales. Many ERP systems use many statistical models to project future sales based on historical data. Nonetheless, these models ought to forecast sales in the future in accordance with historical trends. These forecasts are based on a variety of factors, including supply chain type, client growth assumptions, and purchase history. Additionally, order needs needed to plan for future capacity or even component purchases are forecasted and put into practice.

5. Multiple-tiered Sales Order:

The product description and sales amount are given at the time an order is placed. These description lines, however, can be separated into releases, where a brief description may have several delivery dates in addition to variable amounts. Additionally, a sales order may include a request date for any location where the consumer would want the product. 

Exclusive Benefits of Sales ERP Module:

1.Database Management: The sales modules provide well-organized marketing, advertising, and consumer service data in addition to helping you retrieve detailed client information. It also gives you the ability to make informed decisions and access real-time data.

2. Error-free Sales Forecast: The modules are capable of effectively recording data while taking crucial elements into account. Accurate sales forecasting is made possible for the sales department by the vital real-time data.

3. Layout of the Sales Process: It makes it easier for a sales team to access all the information they need in one location. Salespeople will be able to handle all sales function phases based on status by tracking, monitoring, and reporting on this.

4. Improved Organisational Cooperation: Salespeople may collaborate seamlessly thanks to the ERP sales module. Every work’s data is gathered and then presented appealingly. This further facilitates everyone’s ability to collaborate. Additionally, the modules make it simple to retrieve data and assist cut down on time by avoiding pointless meetings and teamwork.


The acquisition and deployment of an ERP system may seem like interesting projects at first. However, picking the appropriate ERP system for your company may help you build strong foundations and expand your operations over time. CherryBerry ERP can help you in this regard. The top sales ERP modules for your business can satisfy the needs while assisting you in overcoming significant obstacles and seizing growth-oriented prospects. 

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